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The Dark Horses

To discerning fans of Australian music, the work of Tex Perkins holds pride of place. In the popularity stakes, there have been number one albums, ARIA Awards aplenty, and a litany of unforgettable live performances that are the stuff of local rock & roll folklore.

More recently, beyond the rebel rousing status earned from fronting seminal outfits such as The Cruel Sea and The Beasts Of Bourbon, Tex's solo records (1996's Far Be It From Me and 2000's Dark Horses) have revealed a more intimate side of the artist: That of an emotive singer/songwriter, an acoustic guitar strumming balladeer with a voice that delivers its message in a whisper rather than a roar.

And now, Sweet Nothing.

On the creative side of things, Tex has changed everything with Sweet Nothing, moved, as the artist himself puts it, from "portraiture to landscape". "To me, this isn't another journey to the interior, this feels like… standing on the outside…looking out.".

Songs come across like dreams, smoke signals from the subconscious. But their sound, you'll soon discover for yourself, is as broad and textured as the outback.

Much of the credit for the vast vision of Sweet Nothing, Tex hastens to point out, goes to The Dark Horses, the band that came together following the release of the album of the same name. For SWEET NOTHING is not really another solo recording at all. It is, in fact, the debut release by Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses.

"The Dark Horses features the divine and sublime talents of Joel Silbersher (bass) and Charlie Owen (guitar, keyboards), Tendrils by another name. Then there's Tex's closest collaborator of recent years, Murray Patterson (guitarist), and the most recent addition to the outfit, Skritch (drums).

Together, in various configurations as well as a whole, the five men each contributed to the songwriting of SWEET NOTHNG. As a performing ensemble, it's as if their combined talents have invented a new type of music that appears to physically grow as you listen on.

Lyrically, Tex has adapted his approach to find words to suit this broad new sound, so there's a haunting nature to much of the music on SWEET NOTHING, an indefinable Australianness to the sounds recorded directly onto the Blackbox Mobile Recording system at Tex's rural home near Byron Bay with wizzkid engineer Jeff Lovejoy .

Other sessions took place in Sydney and Melbourne with old friend and evil
genius Tony Cohen.

Much of SWEET NOTHING further explores the fragile and vulnerable tones explored on Tex's first two solo albums, on introspective moments as "Hang On To My Love" and the closing "Everything Or Nothing".

As always, there's a self-assuredness that shines even through apparent despair, such as on the rather direct lament of "Days Like These". But more than just coming on like Tex unplugged, The Dark Horses also show they can crank it up when it comes to the atmospherics stakes in songs like "Lucid" and "A Name On Every One", which sound more suited to a rock stadium than the backyard.

Sweet Nothing is a work of incredible beauty and delicacy. A major new work by one of the most distinctive vocalists and performers this country has ever produced.

Please enjoy SWEET NOTHING by Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses.

Current live Members of The Dark Horses

Tex Perkins - vocals/guitar
Charlie Owen - guitar/slide/bass/banjo/harmonica/keys
Joel Silbersher - bass/guitar/keys
Murray Paterson - guitar/keys/bass
Scritch - drums

Previous members:
Jim Elliott - drums
Jim White - drums
Ken Gormley - bass


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